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Eretz Nadlan is Modiin's leading  real estate agency directed towards Anglo's buying homes and investment properties in the city of Modiin, Israel. Eretz Nadlan has a team of licensed  agents from the United States and the United Kingdom who are well experienced in the Israel real estate market and specialize in dealing with Anglo clients. Eretz Nadlan offers a comprehensive service including buying, selling, rentals, property management and professional real estate advice needed for potential customers.

Eretz Nadlan Real Estate Agency is part of "The Eretz Real Estate Group" specializing in MODIIN-MACCABIM-REUT Israel's famous and upcoming major city.     

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Michael Bloom is the owner of Eretz Nadlan based in Modiin. Israel real estate is an exciting market to invest in and Michael Bloom concentrates his knowledge mainly in the Modiin real estate market. His Modiin real estate agency offers a tremendous wealth of knowledge and know how aimed especially at  Anglo clients who are looking for an Israel real estate agent who understands their needs and concerns. For anybody who wants to invest or live in Israel, Michael Bloom recommends using Eretz Nadlan. For Israel real estate or Modiin Real estate, Eretz Nadlan is the Israel real estate agency to use.

Michael bloom has been working in the Modiin real estate market for many years and he believes in Modiin and its amazing dynamic developments. The Israel real estate market has been very exciting during the last few years and Michael Bloom has seen so many Modiin real estate developments almost daily, each one improving ther beautiful city of Modiin. From malls and shopping centres, to train stations and magical parks, beautiful new houses and apartments, Modiin is a fantastic city to live or invest in.

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